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May half term revision sessions

To help support Year 11 as they approach the last half of the GCSE exam period, we have scheduled revision sessions to take place during half term. The timetable can be downloaded from here



GCSE Exams Summer 2019 timetable

GCSE Exams start on Monday 13th May.
For the full timetable view this news post or go to the Exams page



Year 11 Easter Revision Sessions

Year 11 - get the most out of your Easter break in the lead up to the exams by attending our Easter revision sessions. Refreshments provided as well as lunch if there is an afternoon session. Check times and time table carefully



Year 10 Easter Revision Sessions

Y10 - Easter Revision sessions for Child Development, BTEC Sport and Performing Arts - check your dates and times carefully and make the most of the sessions, those exams are approaching fast!!! Refreshments will be provided



Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Practice Walk - Saturday 23 March

Students aiming for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award had their first practice walk on Saturday, to build their stamina ahead of their overnight practice Expedition and then the 'real thing' with fully laden rucksacks, food, tents and more! Suppor