GCSE Results Day - 23 August


Our fantastic Y11 and Y10 students celebrated during Results Day 2018 on the 23 August, as they collected their GCSE results, once again breaking all records in the history of Outwood Redcar!It was very emotional to see friends, families, teachers and support staff offering congratulations and thanks in abundance! The day was about the realisation of months of commitment, with many hours of study outside of the classroom, at home, extra Enrichment and those 8.00am breakfast revision sessions and masterclasses! Students who rose to the challenge of revising an ‘hour a day’ from Christmas may also have benefited!

Record Breaking GCSE RESULTS 2018 – An Overview

We are delighted that students and staff have worked hard together to once again achieve the highest ever results at Outwood Academy Redcar (and the former Redcar Academy).

A fantastic 67% of students achieved a grade 4 (equivalent to the old GCSE grade C) or above in both GCSE English and maths, eclipsing the record 61% figure from 2017. Since working with Outwood Grange Academies Trust, GCSE results are now 43% higher than those of the predecessor school. This year, all headline figures have reached new highs. An excellent 77% of students passed English at a grade 4 or above, up 4% on 2017 figures, in addition to 62% of students in English gaining grade 5 (broadly equivalent to the old GCSE grade B) up again on last year’s results. Maths results were equally positive with 74% attaining a grade 4 or above, an increase of 13% from 2017, with 56% achieving a grade 5, an increase of 9% from 2017.

Every Year 11 student has achieved personal success but to highlight just a few:

  • Cameron Greenwood who achieved 4 Grade 9s in Biology, History, Mathematics and Physics, in addition to 2 Grade 8s and a Distinction*.
  • Luke Bulman who achieved a Grade 9 in Physics, in addition to 6 Grade 8s including Maths and English Language, 1 Distinction*, 1 Distinction and an A grade GCSE.
  • Luke Jones who achieved a Grade 9 in English Language, 5 Grade 8s including Maths and Physics, 2 Grade 7s and a Grade A.
  • Siobhan Miller who achieved a Grade 9 in English Language, 1 Grade 8 in Geography, 6 Grade 7s and a Distinction*.
  • Jade Abisetti who achieved a Grade 9 in English Language, 1 Grade 8 and 4 Grade 7s, including Maths.
  • Dennis Tomlinson-Wrenn who achieved a Grade 9 in Maths, in addition to a Grade 8 in Physics, Distinction* in Engineering and 2 Grade 7s and an A grade.

We are particularly impressed by the progress made by Jessica Tate, Luke Bulman, Ben Canwell, Gabriel Perry, Natasha Mather, Sophie Owen, and Joshua Williams who all, on average, were 1.5 grades higher than national expectations across eight key GCSE subjects. Furthermore, Siobhan Miller was on average 2 grades higher than national expectations!

Congratulations to our students in Year 10, many sitting at least GCSEs and BTECs this year, having studied these qualifications from the beginning of Year 9. Particular mention goes to Amy James who achieved Distinction* in Music, Caitlyn Taylor, Hayley Donovan, and Alfie Nicholson, who achieved a Distinction* in Sport, Owen Thompson who achieved a Distinction* in Engineering, Jamey-Ley Arbon, who achieved a Distinction* in Performing Arts (Acting) and Elysse Middleton, who achieved a Distinction* in Health and Social Care. There were many other success stories.
Other highlights across subjects, achieving grade 4 (or C and above) in both Year 10 and Year 11 are as follows: Engineering 100% (Y10 and Y11), Music (Y10) 100%, Spanish 92.3% (Y11), Sports Studies 92% (Y10), Acting (Y10) 86%, History 73% – an increase of 35% from 2017.

Melissa Brant-Smith, Principal said: “These are incredible results that place our students in a strong position for their future post-16 study and apprenticeships. They also demonstrate what can be accomplished when a school joins a successful academy chain, and when students, staff, governors and parents are fully committed to supporting academic achievement. The maths and English results, with 67% achieving grade 4 in English and Maths, surpassing last year’s figure was brilliant, but for 74% of students to achieve the harder measure of a grade 4 or above in Maths and 77% in English, is amazing! However, what is more remarkable is that seven students achieved the exceptional feat of the gold standard Grade 9. This is an increase from 4 students last year, an astonishing achievement! These amazing results were only possible with the dedication and commitment of all our staff, parents and governors who relentlessly supported the academy and our students throughout the year.”

Andrew Wappat, Executive Principal said “It is fantastic to see the success of both students and staff at Outwood Academy Redcar grow and grow. We are excited that following support over the last three years, the Academy continues to go from strength to strength. We are delighted with the results our students have achieved again this year which is testament to the incredible efforts and dedication of our students, their families, staff, governors and the local academy council.”

We are incredibly proud of our students and wish them every success for their futures, and are excited too as we become Outwood Academy Redcar moving ever forwards.