Year 11 - 8.00am English Revision Breakfast Session - Wednesday 16 January


All Year 11 students have a Revision Breakfast Session this morning, starting at 8am ahead of their English Language (Component 1) Mock GCSE Examination. These sessions will also occur for the actual GCSE examinations in the Summer and have proven an excellent way for students to do some final recall and get completely focussed ahead of their exam.

We are hopeful of an excellent turn-out by Y11 at such sessions at 8am, to get focused into examination mode and refresh memories one last time.

Students arrive at 8.00am for an hour of revision with with their peers, led by our dedicated subject teachers, covering all the key areas as a final ‘tune up’ before going into their exam at around 9.00am.

As ever, we value the support of parents encouraging sons and daughters to attend as many of these sessions as possible, and promptly too, to gain the most benefit.