3 is the magic number! Year 11 Revision Homework:

Each week English, Maths and Science have produced two 20 minute homework tasks in a booklet designed to accelerate students’ academic achievement and support starting revision from Week 1 of year 11.

To the right you will find booklets for the three subjects (both a Foundation/Higher for Maths) for the first half term.

Teachers will be checking these weekly, to see that tasks are completed and use of revision guides/resources is encouraged to complete these activities. Ideally students will attempt them on their own first and then use a different colour pen for any additional information added from other sources.

We anticipate students will want to do 20 minutes of two subjects, to vary their revision. However, it is up to the individual student to decide how they wish to complete the tasks.

PARENTS… we need your support! If your child has lost their booklet DOWNLOAD ANOTHER ONE BELOW! If they make excuses – challenge them! If they complete the work, praise and encourage them. If they try but struggle – support them, in whatever way you can!

By attending 3 enrichment per week and completing 3 × 40 minutes of revision from the very beginning students will do better than leaving it until the last minute!

We will leave it up to one of our Year 11 leavers to, in their own words, tell you how important this year is…
“Work hard in all years, don’t leave it until year 11. Listen to the advice teachers give, complete all work set and start revising early. It is really difficult if you leave it until the end of the year.”

Former Year 11

Revision Tips

1 – Get Organised
Start your revision early and make sure you know all the dates of your exams. Check for revision sessions being held by your teachers – you can be sure there’ll be at least one for each department every week. Make sure you’ve got everything you need – textbooks, notes, past papers, pens etc – and log-on to the exam board website for even more information.

2 – Go Public
Make a revision timetable on a large piece of paper and post it up somewhere at home that everyone can see it. That way, everyone knows what you are meant to be studying and when. Strangely enough, letting other people know your plans actually lightens the load, because then it’s not just down to you to motivate yourself and you’ll have better chance of sticking to it.

3 – De-digitalise
You should unplug your computer or laptop, as it can be too tempting to go off roaming the wide, open spaces of Web-fordshire, instead of ploughing through Pythagoras’ Theorem. It is also important to turn off your mobile phone (one distraction too many). Of course, a ten minute ‘surfing’ break every now and then will help but be strict with yourself and go back to your revision.

4 – Come up with mnemonics
The word stands for Make Names Easily Memorable by Organising Nominated Initial Characters.

5 – Believe in bananas
Take a leaf out of the top tennis players’ book and make use of this potassium-rich performance-enhancer to raise your energy levels. When Federer and Nadal need a lift, they don’t reach for a courtside cup of black coffee or can of energy drink, they dip into their kitbags and unzip a banana.

6 – Quality time
Ask friends over for a revision session. With things like dates and vocabulary, it’s always better if someone else is testing you, rather than you testing yourself (and peeking at the answers) – but make sure you stick to the subject!

7 – Watch television
Of course you shouldn’t try to learn the periodic table of chemical elements while watching Friends reruns or a TOWIE special. But that doesn’t mean you can’t record a favourite programme and watch it as a treat, between your revision sessions.

8 – Keep Healthy
You can do all the revision in the world but if you fall asleep in the exam because your revision runs into the early hours, it’ll count for nothing! Eat well, exercise regularly and make sure you get enough sleep in the run up to your exams to give yourself the best possible chances to achieve your potential.

Revision links and downloads

Physics required practical revision videos

Chemistry required practicals videos

Biology required practical videos