Year 6 Transition 2019

Transition Week Monday 15 July – Friday 19 July 2019

Academy Day 8.20am prompt to 2.15pm each day (but students can wait until 2.30pm in the Farwarth Centre)
Uniform Collection – Wednesday 14 August 2019 10.00am-1.00pm

Welcome to Year 6 parents, carers and children who will be joining Outwood Academy Redcar in the summer of 2019. This page is designed to keep you informed about our Transition process over the coming months, but also to ensure that any questions or queries you might have are answered, and where relevant displayed here.

All parents will be receiving a letter from the academy in the first week of March 2019, to correspond with the admissions letters send home by the Local Authority that were received on 1 March. If this not the case, for example because you have moved house since applying for a place, please email and we will issue a duplicate.

For any other admissions queries, parents should simply contact the Redcar & Cleveland Local Authority Admissions Team via 01642 837740 or 837730 or e-mail via:

Key Contacts

Mr Dan Harrison (Inclusion Manager including Transition)
Mr Graham Skidmore (Vice Principal, Deep Support)
Ms Karen McLaughlin (Learning Manager for Year 7)

Key Transition Dates 2019

Transition Week: Monday 15 July to Friday 19 July 2019

Transition starts 8.20am Monday 15 July and finishes 2.30pm on Friday 19 July (School Closes)

The school re-opens for all students on Wednesday 4 September 2019 for an 8.20am start.

Communication and News

There are a number of ways parents and students can keep up-to-date with what is happening here at the academy, what events are coming up, and what letters and other information has gone home. You can follow us on Twitter, like the Facebook page and profile, and join the parental emailing list. This can be easily done by following the link buttons below:

Key Documents for 2019

Copies of letters and documents passed onto Year 6 parents of students due to join Outwood Academy Redcar will appear below during the course of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the times of the school day?
During Transition we aim to ensure Year 6 become familiar with the school day, so the aim is that times will be the same as for other students. Further information will be provided by letter nearer July.
School starts for all students at 8.20 am prompt.
Period 1 8.25 – 9.25 am
Period 2 9.25 – 10.25 am
VMG Tutor Time/Assembly/Break 10.25 – 11.00 am
Period 3 11.00 – 12.00 noon
Period 4/Lunch 12.00 – 1.30 pm
Period 5 1.30 – 2.30 pm
For more detailed information on our school day visit

How is the School Uniform organised?
We will provide a full uniform to Year 7 students when they start the school. As students grow out of their uniform, parents are expected to buy official replacements, and there are more details about how to do this here: It is planned that Year 6 students will be measured in school during Transition, and that Uniform will be able to be collected on certain days within the school holidays, towards the end of August.

What are the Transport arrangements?
Over the coming months we will liaise with Partner Primary Schools and parents on an individual basis to design the best transport arrangements during the Transition period. For many students it is hoped they can get used to using the means of transport that will be undertaken from September. For more details about which bus routes serve the school please look here:

What equipment will my child need?
All students will be provided with a Planner. They are expected to have a school bag that is large enough to contain an A4 folder. The basic equipment that is required from September is:

  • A black pen.
  • A red pen.
  • A pencil and pencil sharpener.
  • An eraser.
  • A scientific calculator
  • A school geometry set which should include a compass, a protractor a 6 inch ruler and a set square.

What are the lunchtime arrangements?
Year 7 students have their lunch as a year group, between 12.30 – 1.00pm. This ensures there is minimal queuing time and that they can eat together in their first year at the academy. The catering is provided by Taylor Shaw who operate a ‘ParentPay’ system. Parents can load student accounts from home, or students can add money using two optical finger recognition stations in the school. For more details visit:

SEN and Inclusion

During the coming months, Mr Skidmore (Vice Principal, Deep Support), Mr Harrison (Student Inclusion) and Ms McLaughlin, the Learning Manager for Year 7 will be visiting primary schools to meet Year 6 teachers to gather crucial transition information. Colleagues from several of our partner primary schools will also be working alongside Year 6 students at Outwood Academy Redcar during these two weeks in July as part of the Transition process.

Question Form

If you have a question that you think the answer would be of use to other Year 6 parents, please use the form below, and relevant information will be added to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this page. We will of course also answer specific questions relating to your child directly via this form.

Following the changes to Government advice, from Monday 23 March our schools will be closed, except for providing childcare to a small number of children. During the period of closure we will not be able to collect correspondence sent via post. There are also only a small number of staff in the academy making it difficult to answer the telephone.

Therefore, where possible, we ask that you contact us via this contact form.

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Answers to Questions – Previous Transition Events

We obviously hope your son/daughter will enjoy their first days at Outwood Academy Redcar. After the presentation at the recent Transition Evening, we will once again post on this page answers to questions that are raised, for the benefit of all parents/students. These will later be drawn together into a handy document that can be printed and downloaded from our website.

These points were raised, to seek further clarification, on the 2017 and 2018 Transition Evenings:

PE Trainers
All students should have a pair of trainers for every PE lesson. They can be any colour.

Football Boots
Students will require football boots for certain activities throughout the year. They can be any colour, and can have moulded studs/blades or the screw-in types.

Free Year 7 Provided Uniform
New students in Year 7 will receive a free uniform consisting of: blazer, tie, trousers or skirt, two white shirts, PE kit: polo shirt, rugby shirt, shorts, socks. Where parents purchase ‘spares’ or additional items in the future these must be the official branded versions available online from Trutex. This year we also established Bambini of Guisborough as a stockist of replacement/spare items. Uniform collecton is 14 August For more details of ordering additional items please see here:

PE Tracksuit Bottoms
These are not provided free, but any tracksuit bottoms purchased must be the official ones via Trutex, or at Bambini of Guisborough, or plain black without any stripes or logos.

Paying For Lunches (During Transition)
The fingertip recognition system has now been set up. Students can load cash onto their account when in school, using one of the two machines. From September, parents will be able to load money onto their child’s account using ParentPay remotely via the internet.

Free School Meals during Transition
We will provide lunches for the first day for free. Parents then need to send students with money or packed lunches. The academy has an agreement with primary schools so that free school meals continue to be provided during the Transition weeks, whilst Year 6 students are on their visit to us. If there has been an issue with this for your child, please contact either Mr Skidmore (Vice Principal) or the Year 7 Learning Manager via g.skidmore or k.mclaughlin then