GCSE Examinations

Please click the link below to view the Exam Stress – Guide for Students

Student Exam Guide

To help students understand the processes of official exams further and find out any important information, we have prepared an exams guide for students. This can be downloaded from the link below.

11 March Mock Exams

Our Year 11 March Mock Exams start on Monday 9th March


Examinations Overview

For details regarding the Examinations Timetable, Controlled Assessments, written exams, and information on the warnings given to students during exams please see the links below. It is critical that students understand the JCQ regulations. These have been modelled extensively during Mock examinations for several Praising Stars within the sports hall.

For further information regarding exams information please contact Mr Rob Galloway, Data and Exams Officer:
Telephone: 01642 289211 Ext: 1601 or Email: exams@redcar.outwood.com

There is one examination session (series) during 2018, for both Year 11 AND Year 10 students. Individual timetables will be sent to each student before the start of the session if they have been entered.

For obvious reasons, parents should not book holidays at any point during term time, as controlled assessment (coursework) examinations and Mock Praising Stars assessments take place throughout the year, in Years 11, 10 and 9, and GCSE examinations take place for Years 11 and 10 in May and June 2018.

Useful Documents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My timetable is wrong – how do I change it?

If you think an exam is missing or if you’ve been entered for the wrong one, you will need to speak to your teacher or the Head of Department for that subject. The exams office can only change a student’s exam timetable on instruction from a member of the teaching staff.

Where will I be sitting and what time do I have to be there?

For every exam, the seating plans will be on display in the morning prior to each exam outside the learning managers office, and outside the gym. Your timetable will show you the start time of the exam but you must be at the exam room AT LEAST 5 minutes before the start time.

I’ve got more than one exam at the same time – what happens?

You will usually be able to take one exam straight after the other but if this is not possible, the exams office will speak to you and arrange for one of your exams to be moved to earlier or later in the day – you will also be supervised between the exams to make sure the security of the exam is maintained.

What do I do if I’m late for my exam?

Firstly, don’t panic! Go to the Attendance Office and a member of staff will bring you to the exam room.

What if I am ill?

If you are ill before the exam, or after the exam has started, speak to Mr Galloway or one of the invigilators. If you are too ill to come in for your exam, please let attendance know before the exam or as soon as possible afterwards – if you are absent from an exam without valid reason, your parent/guardian may be charged for the cost of the exam entry.

How do I receive my results?

The GCSE results for are available for students from 10am until Noon on the final Thursday of August each year, as set nationally. You should collect your results in person. You can nominate someone to collect results on your behalf but they must bring along a letter/note on the day written and signed by you including the phrase “I give permission for my results to be given to [Full name] (of person collecting results)” as well as photographic ID for themselves. Alternatively a stamped addressed envelope can be left with Mr Galloway, and results will be posted home on that Thursday afternoon. We do not give results out over the phone or by e-mail.

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