What is a Pledge?

An undertaking, or commitment (to a person or organisation) by a solemn promise e.g. spending more time with family, being an honest friend, coming to school, doing homework. Pledges mean making a commitment to something, someone, or yourself and giving 100% to doing our very best to achieve that goal.

Students are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the Academy beyond the classroom and via our Pledges scheme. By completing Pledges students are able to have new experiences, learn new skills, develop existing knowledge, gain confidence and grow as individuals. To achieve a ‘pledge’ students must complete certain tasks and attend particular group activities.

For example to achieve Pledges 1, 2, or 4 students must enthusiastically take part in a diverse range of sporting clubs or cultural activities. This could include football, rugby, netball, hockey, cricket, basketball, trampolining, badminton, Duke of Edinburgh, guitar, Warhammer, family history; some of these activities can lead to individuals and teams representing the academy at local, district and national level. Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 may then aim to become qualified leaders through nationally recognised programmes.

We aim for students to have undertaken a certain amount of pledges at particular points during their Outwood Academy Redcar careers. Depending on age, students can then progress into Year 9 or have the opportunity to attend the Year 11 Prom, for example:

Graduate to Year 9: 3 pledges are required
Go to the Year 11 Prom: 7 pledges are required
Be ready for University: 10 are required

What are the Pledges?

Pledge 1. Regular attendance at an “After Academy” activity.
Pledge 2. Represent the Academy in either a sporting, cultural or academic event.
Pledge 3. Take part in an Outward Bound residential programme.
Pledge 4. Attend a national sporting, cultural event or performance at a major venue.
Pledge 5. Take part in a major Academy production or event, in any capacity.
Pledge 6. Take part in a formal presentation to an audience using ICT/multimedia.
Pledge 7. Be actively involved in an International experience.
Pledge 8. Be actively involved in community experience, within or beyond the Academy.
Pledge 9. Help plan, organise or participate in a major fund raising event within the Academy.
Pledge 10. Contribute to the development of the concept of sustainability whilst at the Academy.