Year 7 Home Learning- Useful Links & Expectations

Mon 04 Oct 2021

Our approach to Home Learning

We believe that home learning should help students to build on what they have learnt in lessons and support them to recall key information and vocabulary as well as enriching their learning experience. That is why we utilise google classroom to set home work as well as other online resources. It is not about learning new knowledge and content - we believe teachers in classrooms do this. Instead, we use Google Quizzes to support three key parts of learning:
Recall: we want students to remember the content they are taught so they are confident enough to build links across their learning. We use Google Quizzes to build the skill of recall. 
Consolidate: students learn lots of facts and skills during their day. We build our google quizzes to help them consolidate the learning they have done so they are more confident when they recall it.
Expand: Students encounter lots of new vocabulary during their time with us and we use our Google Quizzes to help continue to expand their vocabulary. 

Suggested timetable

This is a suggested timetable, please feel free to structure your home learning in a way that suits you best.

Sparx Maths

Sparx maths is an online platform which is fully personalised to your child's ability. Sparx has thousands of carefully crafted questions and video tutorials – covering the KS3 and GCSE curricula – that encourage independent learning. At Redcar, students receive personalised homework which is challenging but achievable for them, improving their progress and attainment in maths. All tasks link to what we learn in lessons meaning students are building their confidence and knowledge each week.
Top Tips & Help for Parents 

The Super Curriculum

The super curriculum is an exciting way to extend your learning that you do in class. It is voluntary, you can complete as many as you like. Please remember to share with your teacher what you have done and what you have learnt.

Useful Links

Accelerated Reader

Students are given time during the week to read both independently and as a class. When students complete books they've read themselves, they undertake a quiz on this book which gives them a ZPD level. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves in their reading level and progress up with scale. All students can quiz at home and parents can find out how they are doing using Renaissance Home Connect. 
Renaissance Home Connect is easy to use. It allows the teacher, you and your child to share
information about progress in Accelerated Reader.You can log in to Renaissance Home Connect from any computer with an Internet connection and
compatible browser.
To log in to Renaissance Home Connect Website:


We want all of our students to be confident in their skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar.  That's why all students are given 30 spellings to learn across a half term and are quizzed regularly in tutor time. This low-stakes quizzing is designed to help students recall important spellings regularly. This half term we are focusing on the Dirty 30 - the 30 most commonly misspelled words at GCSE. You can see them here: